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What is Tang Soo Do

Meaning of Tang Soo Do.
Tang(Tahng): means Attack or strike.
Soo: means hand.
Do(Doe): means way of life, or art.
Tang Soo Do is depicted as an Eternal Triangle in which the Body, Mind, and Spirit are interrelated.


The Concept of the eternal triangle is used to design classes that will simultaneously develop all aspects of the total person.
Tang Soo Do (Father of Tae Kwon Do) shares many similarities with Tae Kwon Do, but is more ritualized and places less emphasis on competition.

An Introduction
Life is a challenge, Tang Soo Do will help you develop a strong character.
Tang Soo Do is a meaningful way of life, offering daily and lifelong conditioning practices for the mind, body and spirit. Tang Soo Do can be practiced by all people men, women and children of all ages. Each student will gain different benefits from Tang Soo Do and these benefits will make a difference in there life.

The Physical Perspective
Tang Soo Do is a powerful martial art consisting of defenses and attacks utilizing virtually every part of the body. The Hand and Kick Techniques of Tang Soo Do are designed to be directed and focused so as to maximize power upon impact.
A fundamental knowledge of anatomy enables the practitioner to apply techniques that achieve the greatest effect under all circumstances.
By practicing extensive drills, the student develops the respiratory system, which in turn improves both physical and mental endurance. By improving flexibility, the student learns to better control the actions of the muscle groups responsible for the execution of each technique.


The Philosophical Perspective
The student gains the greatest benefits from the philosophy of our training method. A specific ideology is a necessary and vital component in the practice of a Korean traditional martial art Tang Soo Do.

Jung-Shin (one' spirit), and emotional condition is a primary concern the Tang Soo Do student. It is the daily actions and attitude of the individual. Performing Tang Soo Do Hyoung (forms) helps you develop a mind that is alert, calm and ready to respond while techniques are executed. Following the practice of Hyoung, physical action is replaced with inner strength and calm.
Tang Soo Do students develop a much greater ability to control the spirit and flow of energy in daily life.  

Mah-Oom (Mind), is a difficult entity to describe in relation to the student's developmental process. The openness of goodness of the mind is an important characteristic as we seek to improve our quality of life.
The enlightenment we gain in our mind is a joy that will stay forever. We must expect nothing in return for the giving of the mind. Our reward must be inside of us. This too is a product of our training